About Us

BxB The Shop is a collective between Bisbee and Bullitproof. An online retail space bringing together two Toronto designers who honour the process of quality made pieces intended for the modern fashion forward individual. Veering away from the culture of fast fashion, BxB is a growing collective of jewelry, apparel and accessories. An evolving hub offering consumers an opportunity to shop quality pieces that do not succumb to mass production, in turn focusing in on craftsmanship and originality.



As Founder and head designer of Bisbee, Kamila Vieira has been designing her One of a Kind pieces since 2010. Acquiring various techniques while travelling, well...road tripping; drawing much of her influence from the South Western US and Mexico, as well as finishing an apprenticeship under Marie Chavez of Montclair N.J. Kamila is now well known for her signature boholuxe statement pieces, which encompass faith references from around the world and are created from an array of select gemstones and colors alike.

Bisbee, once known for its counter culture, was a haven for artists and the freespirited fleeing larger cities seeking inspiration, so it's no surprise that Kamila first discovered her innate passion for design while travelling through this small Arizona town.

Kamila currently shares her Toronto studio alongside her husband Nels, who pursues his love for wood work and furniture design, when he's not at the bench. The duo indulge the rising demand for craftsmanship and original handmade pieces. Each piece of jewelry is an original hand crafted design intended for the fearless woman who makes a statement without saying a word.


Color in itself, is the one most important aspect to my work; it is the beginning stage...where I draw my inspiration for a single piece. Observing the best of fashion, world cultures through people and travel is what makes me creatively thrive! Ever so dynamic, combining shades in my mind as would a painter, with each stroke the idea becomes more vivid and clear.

Whether working with the richest of embroideries or putting together color combinations for intricate bead patterns, I find the unconventional to be most enticing. Even with darkest of gemstones, I always focus in on the cuts and grooves, it's facets, and how vividly the light bounces off its surface.



Bullitproof is a Toronto fashion label, bringing together everyday basics with outspoken graphics. It is the creative expression of Ivona Czarnecka, intended to meet a growing need for luxury basics that offer unique designs with the perfect fit. Influenced by her Eastern European background, Ivona has always had a love affair with fashion. Bullitproof has spawned from her love of fashion and will be evolving into a full ready to wear line. Simple cuts that flatter the figure with modern prints and designs are the pillar of this brand. Ivona has sought to offer a line of clothing that does not need to be taken to the tailor. Focusing on the perfect fit has become a mandate. Bullitproof is the embodiment of fashion, comfort and the physique.

Bullitproof predicates itself on reducing its carbon footprint by manufacturing all pieces locally and using eco friendly dye sublimation printing for each piece. Bullitproof prides itself on supporting local businesses in its manufacturing processes.